In most companies the spreadsheet is used by nearly everyone. Whilst Spreadsheets are a powerful and flexible tool that give users the ability to create, format and deliver outstanding analyses and reports, there are many issues which the Navizone platforms eliminate. 

There are significant limitations to the use of spreadsheets which occur primarily when they are used multiple times for multiple months, across multiple locations. The other limitations are error control, security, and the amount of time it takes to create, maintain and aggregate them. Navizone’s Platforms were developed to enhance the benefits of spreadsheets and eliminate the limitations.

We have saved man-years worth of effort and improved quality and security for our clients. Based on cost savings alone, the payback on our platforms and the dramatic increase in added-value activities of  knowledge workers is significant.

Businesses that operate across multiple locations carry a huge overhead in spreadsheet design, maintenance, version control, error-trapping and aggregation / consolidation.

Not all users have the same level of spreadsheet skills and the effectiveness of spreadsheets is driven by the least-capable user which burdens to the most capable users.

Our experience is that up to 30% of users’ time can be saved by controlling spreadsheets issues whether used for Risk & Control Management, Compliance, Audit, Projects, or Strategy Development & Planning.

Following the concept that the most valuable asset in a company is its people, it is not difficult to see the value in using Navizone’s Platforms especially with payback within a year.

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