Navizone Enterprise Navigator Strategy Benefits

Optimise Shareholder Value by identifying and executing opportunities, by Improving Decision Making & Agility, Visually Managing Strategies, Plans, Forecasts and Execute Strategies through Projects.

Navizone’s Strategic Resource Management TM Platform has been architected and engineered to deliver powerful way of developing, executing and monitoring Strategic activities..

Global View of Strategies

Capture and manage all aspects of the Strategic process in one place. No more looking for information in a myriad of systems and file servers. See Global Strategic activities at a glance and connect them to entity-level plans and activities.

Visibility at All Levels

Management of all levels participate in Strategy development, Strategic Planning and Business Planning and this is instantly available to all.

Identify Opportunities

Replace annual reviews when it is too late to change - identify opportunities and threats as part of a continuous process and take action to optimize outcomes.

Create Ownership

Enjoy the participation and knowledge-sharing of all relevant people around the globe and build ownership and accountability

Create Alignment & Focus

Seamlessly connect Strategic insights to Strategies to Strategic Plans to Business Plans to Forecasts.

Build A Learning Organization

By embracing participation, collaboration and top-down / bottom-up management, lessons can be learned and shared rapidly and effectively.

Increased Agility

The business environment is guaranteed to change during and after planning. Use this change for competitive advantage by adjusting your plans rapidly and globally.

Navizone Enterprise Pilot Risk Benefits

Being able to view and manage Global Risk and Compliance is a major competitive advantage for any organisation. When this capability is coupled to alignment with Strategic activities and Dynamic risk Assessment, Risk Management becomes a key asset to the Navigation of any business.

Global View of All Risks

See all your Risk, Compliance and Control information in one place, even if using multiple systems to manage different aspects of Risk, Controls and Compliance. Eliminate confusion, islands of information and slow dissemination of information.

Visibility at All Levels

All levels of management can see their areas of responsibility. Total visibility and transparency to ensure actions are taken to address key issues. Learn from failures and apply that learning globally.


Eliminate duplication and unnecessary overhead by managing all aspects of Risk, Controls and Compliance centrally. Effectively reduce redundancy and costs.


Integrate Strategic Initiatives, Execution, and Risk Management effortlessly and globally with the minimum of fuss.


Maintain all Risk, Controls and Compliance content centrally. Eliminate confusion, duplication, inconsistencies.


Identify the key threats to the business and ensure they are effectively mitigated. Learn from issues and failures experienced in one area and apply that knowledge to other areas.


Improve process design and management. Eliminate non-added value activities and strengthen processes and controls. Eliminate wasted effort in process management and control

Navizone Enterprise Program Monitor Project Benefits

By linking Project Management to Strategic Management an Enterprise can focus on key priorities and ensure that only strategic activities are executed. With stronger ownership and accountability and agility, management can deliver the right activities on-time and on budget.

Central control of Portfolios of Projects with Dashboard Navigation enables all stakeholders to stay up to date.


Let Project Managers and resources focus on doing their jobs, not spending half their time maintaining spreadsheets and presentations


Identify resource requirements and ensure you have balance and control over them


Make effective cost forecasts and ensure that your projects do not become black holes


Make deliverables clear to management at all levels and give the opportunity to take action in a timely and effective fashion


See all project activities under one umbrella. Eliminate surprises, make forecasts clear and transparent to all levels of management


Remove complexity from users and eliminate wasted effort and increase visibility across the board


Get powerful insights across projects that were not previously available in a fragmented spreadsheet world

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